Senator Welch Named Legislator of the Year by the Massachusetts Office for Victim Assistance

“I am truly humbled by this award,” said Senator Welch. “MOVA advocates for some of the most at-risk residents in Massachusetts. It has been an honor working with their office in my tenure as a legislator and this session, in particular, is pretty significant in terms of legislation that needs to get to the Governor’s desk.”

This session, Senator Welch has filed three bills to advance the rights of Victims.

Senator Welch worked with MOVA to file Senate Bill 1041, An Act to enhance the rights of crime victims in the Commonwealth. This bill will update the Victim Bill of Rights, which was signed into law 35 years ago. Provisions include: improvements to victim notification channels, increased access to victim services to crime victims and families when indictments are not issued, strengthened the practices and purposes of victim impact statements in the court system, and enhanced cooperation between law enforcement, judicial system, and post-conviction agencies.

Senator Welch also has filed Senate Bill 1599, An Act relative to victim witness advocate retirement classification. This bill will help victim witness advocates receive similar retirement benefits as other comparable members of the justice system.

Additionally, Senator Welch has filed Senate Bill 1039, An Act establishing the murder victim families assistance fund. This bill would establish the Murder Victims Families Assistance Fund to provide financial aid to direct family members of murder victims. Any company who creates a book, movie, or television show based on a murder or murders committed in Massachusetts could voluntarily donate money to the fund.