Senate Approves $600 Million in Funding for Local Road Projects over Next Three Year

The legislation passed authorizes $200 million each year for the next 3 years for infrastructure improvements in municipalities across the Commonwealth. This multiyear investment provides cities and towns with the ability to plan their construction needs in advance, giving communities access to predictable and consistent funding.

“The Chapter 90 funding is critical for towns and cities to maintain their local roads,” said Senator James T. Welch (D- West Springfield). “Springfield, Chicopee, and West Springfield will each be receiving money to fund local road projects, giving them the autonomy and financial ability to maintain their infrastructure.”

“Chapter 90” funds are allocated using a longstanding formula based on community road miles, population and employment. The expected FY2019 apportionments include:

  • $1,334,849 for Chicopee
  • $3,682,135 for Springfield
  • $849,092 for West Springfield

The bill will now be reconciled with a version passed by the House of Representatives, before moving to the Governor for final approval.