Below are some of the legislative priorities of my office.  To see all the bills filed this session you can check the Massachusetts Legislature site (http://www.malegislature.gov/Bills)

An Act relative to junior license operators driving family members with disabilities

Resolve establishing a special legislative commission on young professionals

An Act relating to the remedy for the sale of sick puppies and kittens

Resolve establishing an advisory committee on the accessibility of fresh food retail in communities throughout the Commonwealth

An Act relative to the recovery of costs for certain medical assistance

An Act to reduce the risks associated with allergic reactions

An Act relative to structural health care oversight and reform

An Act to enhance the rights of crime victims in the Commonwealth

An Act relative to the certification of interpreters in educational settings

An Act to promote economic development in the Commonwealth

An Act relative to procurement services for artists

An Act protecting consumers of sign language and oral interpretation and transliteration

An Act relative to sports wagering

An Act relative to protecting residential electric customers

An Act to improve Massachusetts home care

An Act relative to victim witness advocate retirement classification

An Act protecting public health and reducing health care costs

An Act supporting voluntary income tax assistance sites

An Act relative to identification for the sale of alcoholic beverages

An Act relative to workers compensation insurance

An Act to protect access to invaluable, economical, and necessary treatments

An Act exempting certain positions in the city known as the town of West Springfield from the civil service law

An Act relative to consumer protection for prescription drug purchases